Review of the Horizontal Shoulder Holster by Kramer Holsters

Horizontal Shoulder Holster by Kramer

As you look at more and more shoulder holster designs you come to realize that there is a lot of similarity between them regardless of which company is producing them. Such is not the case with a shoulder rig from Kramer Holsters.
The first thing that is most noticeable is the fact that a Kramer shoulder holster has a harness made from suede leather. Suede is strong enough to hold both full-size gun and two spare magazines without issue. It breaks up the outline of the shoulder harness better than full-grain leather and it also acts as a natural non-slip surface to keep the holster positioned properly. The harness is fully adjustable and will fit most body types as well.
The shoulder holster itself is positioned horizontally, in a manner similar to other holster makers. The difference is that the positioning of the holster itself is slightly [...]

Fieldmaster Shoulder Holster by Alessi

While the average shoulder holster is worn by those carrying for personal defense purposes, it’s important to remember that there area whole host of hunters that carry large-frame revolvers into the field in pursuit of wild game.
These sportsmen were not forgotten by Lou Alessi who developed the Fieldmaster shoulder holster early on to provide a quality option for those with long-barrel hand cannons that need something which will allow them to carry in comfort all day.
This shoulder holster utilizes a unique swivel design to allow for a natural draw with such long barreled weapons. It is built on a structure of heavy 10oz. russet leather. It incorporates the same harness and adjustment system as the Bodyguard shoulder rig. The integrated breakaway snaps allow the weapon to be drawn in a single fluid motion.
Hunting is a activity that is defined by movement. For that reason the belt [...]

Miami Classic II Shoulder Holster by Galco

The Miami Classic II shoulder holster is the standard by which all others are measured. Galco Holsters sells more Miami Classic II’s than the all the shoulder holsters made by the next two largest producers. It’s fit is known to be excellent and it’s function the same. So much of its design has been copied by others that Galco claims that it holds the record as the “most imitated shoulder holster system in the world”.
The Miamic Classic II is a direct descendant from of both the original Miami Classic as well as the initial Jackass shoulder rig which was the very first shoulder holster that Galco made. A key component of this patented shoulder system is its spider harness which was inherited from the original Miami Classic. All four points of the spider harness pivot independently and are connected by our unique clover shaped Flexalon [...]

Bodyguard Shoulder Holster by Alessi

The Bodyguard by Alessi Holsters is a shoulder holster designed to be the most comfortable and concealable shoulder rig available today. It is highly favored by 1911 enthusiasts but has fans among handgun owners across the board.
The holster is of the rearward facing variety and also features a weak-side ammo pouch. When adjusted properly, this rig can be worn for exceptionally long periods of time without any noticeable discomfort. To ensure that the holster has longest service life possible, the harness does not utilize any nylon or elastic. These synthetic materials are known to become uncomfortable after extended periods of wear and were determined by Lou himself to be unacceptable for integration into top-quality shoulder holsters.
With the Body Guard, nothing but the finest materials are used in its construction. The shoulder holster is made from 100% top grain russet leather. This includes the holsters itself, the [...]

Miami Classic Shoulder Holster by Galco

The Miami Classic is considered to be one of the most imitated shoulder holster system in the world. The design of this shoulder holster is closely based off of the original horse-hide Jackass Rig Shoulder System which was first introduced by Galco in 1970 when the company was still known as the Famous Jackass Leather Company. Over the years, the Miami Classic has since become the favorite of of both law enforcement professionals and civilians nationwide.
One major feature which both the Miami Classic and the Miami Classic II share in common is its patented spider harness. All four points of the spider harness are designed to pivot independently and are connected by a unique clover shaped Flexalon swivel back plate. This critical design features means that the shoulder holster fits more people of any number of different body types in a better, more comfortable way.
This Miami Classic shoulder holster is [...]

Guardian Shoulder Holster by Alessi

The Guardian is one of the premier shoulder holsters for the Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolver.
Both business professionals and plain clothes law enforcement officers who carry a revolver and are constantly in contact with the public will find that it offers an excellent blend of comfort and concealment.
One of Lou Alessi’s original designs, Guardian shoulder holsters are the product of hundreds of hours of research and testing. The result is a carry rig that